Card On Delivery

Love shopping with your card

You order everything online and afraid to pay with your credit card or visa before your receive your order.

So in this post we will take you through an experience to use your own card (debit/ credit) and pay for your delivered orders only when you receive them to make sure you only pay for what you got when delivered!

What is Card On Delivery?

Card on delivery is a payment method at doorsteps that allows you to pay for your order at the time of receiving it, meaning you pay using your debit/ credit card [as if the Delivery Agent has a visa machine] or even using your e-wallet. So in this post we will take you through the ultimate payment experience for your delivery orders hassle free!

Why Card On Delivery?

  • Convenient: No need to keep cash or even visit ATM to have cash in hand.

  • Refund: Paying after receiving the order protects you from the refund hassle if your order is cancelled or received with missing/ damaged items.

  • Secure: Your transactions and card details are 100% safe with high level of encrypted algorithms, and you will only pay after actually receiving your order.

  • Fast/ Easy: All you have to do is prepare the card you want to pay with.

  • Always Keep Track: Never loose track of any transaction, your digital payments will always be sent to your phone or email.

  • More Hygienic: Cash can always be infected especially after COVID-19 circumstances, so we encourage you to go cashless and unleash the power.