Cash on Delivery to Card On Delivery?

Pay Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery is a type of transaction that allows you to make payment for your order at the time of delivery. You may want to shop with Cash on Delivery to take off the hassle of worrying about your order delay, so you choose to pay upon delivery.

About Cash on Delivery?

  • Pros: When you shop online you seek convenience and credibility, so you get that mix by choosing to pay with cash upon delivery. Though you guarantee your order delivery & quality and then you pay conveniently. Furthermore, in case of cancellation or returns you also don’t need to wait for the seller to refund the money back because you haven't paid yet!

  • Cons: All of us run out of cash sometimes. Though, relying on cash payments for your orders might make you miss a very tempting offer specially if it was for a limited time. And so many scenarios could occur here like; if it happened and you wanted to return or refund your order, then you will get your money back to your application wallet not as same as you have paid in cash.

About Online payment?

  • Pros: You never worry about having cash in hand or think about how to access cash or go to ATM, order whatever you want and pay with your debit/ credit card. Online payments are encouraging going cashless especially after COVID-19 it's always better to go cashless. Besides, whenever happens you return or refund your order you take your money back to your card. Nevertheless you can always acquire rewards and points of your credit cards transactions.

  • Cons: You might worry about your order when you pay for it in advance. Uncertainty are always there, your order may get delayed, canceled, or even received with missing or incorrect items. Though, you find yourself in the hassle of returning and refunding your order which could take normally 14 working days till get your money back. Meaning that this paid amount will be out of your card limit and you can't get use of it till refund cycles is completed.

What combining both privileges of Cash on Delivery and Online Payment at your doorstep?

So you might have been thinking about a magical payment method, that could combine the privilege of the COD and online payment for your doorstep orders. In this case, you might consider mobile apps that gives you the facility to pay with your debit/ credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Meza card) or you can use your e-wallet if you want to, just during your order delivery. So if you are ready for the the convenience at your doorstep order, you can now download epod app.

About epod?

Here we go, epod is a mobile app designed for you and for your convenience. epod allows you to reach your restaurant or the place you want to make your order from, and after you receive your order, then you can pay using your card upon delivery (which is usually known as card on delivery). So whatever your card type is either Debit or Credit, Maser, Visa or Meza card, you can use it at epod. However, you can even pay with your e-wallet if you prefer to. Though, epod removes the headache of worrying about your order cancellation or delay. That's why epod is designed to make sure you only pay for what you've ordered upon delivery. See!
no more hassle or worries about having cash in hand, and now you can go more hygienic and stay away from cash transactions specially at COIVD-19 times.