Delivery orders with digital payment solution?

eCommerce after COVID-19

eCommerce activities are taking place around the world, especially after COVID-19, people tend to order and receive everything at their doorsteps. Though, if you have a store or sell online, then you have been experiencing the money collection cycle from different channels when you send orders out for delivery. Meaning that as a business owner, you might have faced issues at collecting your money either cash or online as:

  • If you usually collect your money cash (COD), then you might have worried about the risk of holding cash, starting from the delivery agent/ courier collection delivering to your location.

  • Statistics explained that the rate of cancelling cash on delivery orders is higher than online payment orders.

  • You can always increase your sales via providing variety of payment options to you customer.

  • Cashless payments can always be a better way to keep track of your financial management as you will always analyze and monitor your sales and accounting.

  • Partnership with any platform that markets for your solution/ service, might leave you in a long cycle of collecting your money back.

How about increasing your sales by 25%?

So now you're more aware of your needs, and how important to provide a cashless and convenient payment method for your customer along with a convenience way at collecting your money back (either cash on delivery or online payment). Since the variety is key, you might need to cope with the market and provide a digital payment method for your customers at their doorsteps like sending your visa/pos machine out for delivery. By this, you will increase your customer's credibility and loyalty since consumer will only has to pay when the item is delivered.

That's great, Now you are half away, However have you think about:

  • Easiness of sending your visa machine out for delivery?

  • Getting so many orders that ask for the visa machine?

  • Considering having new visa machine with multiple sim cards to make sure you have the best network coverage at your customer's location?

  • The cost of the hardware itself (maintenance, insurance, batteries, printing papers)?

  • Sending the Visa machine our for delivery, and you get walk-in customers asks to pay with their card?

If yes, then might want to consider new technologies like soft POS. Let's take it step by step, soft pos is a the new technology that allows accepting card or wallet payments directly to smart phone devices. So now you know, you can offer convenience for you and for your customer to provide variety of payment options and receive your money directly to your bank account weekly!

Still interested to get a magical solution for you and for your customer, then you can start considering using epod app. It's a mobile app your customer will download, and pay directly to your brand, and then you will get your money directly to your bank account. If you are interested to know more please contact sales or check epod Merchants.