Convenient Payment Experience

Merchants partnered with epod will find their sales increased by targeting a new segment of people who prefers to pay with their credit cards or wallet upon delivery, so you increase your credibility and build a better experience with your customer!

Benefits for epod merchants:

Process improvements:

  • You can use epod with simple setup and zero fee.

  • You can collect your money weekly with no hassle, directly transferred to your bank account.

  • Target the segment of consumers who do not prefer paying cash and worry about prepayment solutions.

  • Reduce cash collection risk/ theft, as well as participating in financial inclusion.

  • Consumer's credibility will be increased because he/she only will only pay when items are delivered, and this will enrich your sales through the variety of payment methods you provide.

  • No physical cash exchange between couriers and consumers, especially in COVID-19, besides highly participating at the financial inclusion.

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