Convenient Payment Experience

Merchants partnered with epod will enable you to pay for your orders only when you receive them using your card or wallet! Your convenience is our goal. That is why we offer you a full secure and convenient payment experience to make you pay for your orders only when you receive them.

Start paying the easy way with epod today

Shop with epod and see how it works!

  1. Scan the QR code and download the epod app for Android.

  2. Install the app and register your account.

  3. Select your preferred merchant and call/ send whatsapp to make your order.

  4. Only when you receive your order, open the app and choose your merchant to pay in few simple steps.

See, no hassle no embarrassment if you do not have enough change!

All you need is to choose your merchant to make your order!

Your order is complete, now you can enter your order amount!

Choose your preferred card you want to pay with.

Now you're ready to go, see you next time!

Download epod now and start payments at your doorstep!